VP Finance & Operations

The VP Finance & Operations Portfolio Provides Strategic Leadership and Support for UBC’s Academic Vision through Financial and Operational Management Excellence

Under the leadership of the VP Finance & Operations, the eight units in the portfolio are responsible for the stewardship of UBC’s physical and financial assets. This includes overseeing a $2.5 billion budget, as well as the $1.2 billion endowment, and all university facilities. The VP Finance & Operations also manages the university’s relationships with the UBC Investment Management Trust (IMANT) and UBC Properties Trust. In all the portfolio’s responsibilities, the VP Finance & Operations is committed to the values of accountability and transparency.


Andrew Simpson

VP Finance & Operations, The University of British Columbia

As one of the world’s leading universities, it’s important to me that we provide an open and transparent window to our financial and operational performance.

This site delivers an overview of the portfolio as well as financial and operational information to help you understand the vital role that Finance & Operations plays in making UBC extraordinary for us all.

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Units in the Portfolio


Finance delivers on UBC’s commitment to financial accountability and transparency. Through its three units, Finance shares the University’s financial story, manages its cash, capital, contracts and compliance requirements, and runs the campus responsibly.


Key financial data, financial support across campus and reporting are managed by UBC’s Comptroller.

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Financial Operations

Financial Operations oversees the daily flow of goods and services into and out of the University.

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Treasury stewards UBC’s financial assets and works across all campuses to secure the University’s fiscal sustainability.

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UBC’s operations units manage UBC’s physical assets—both for risk and performance. By setting high operational standards, they build and maintain a world-leading education and research environment.

Building Operations

Building Operations keeps UBC’s indoor and outdoor spaces clean, safe and comfortable.

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Energy & Water Services

Energy & Water Services manages how energy and water is produced, distributed, consumed and conserved at UBC.

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Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development leads new building projects at UBC and manages existing building upgrades.

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Risk Management Services

Risk Management identifies, and helps to manage, UBC’s key risks.

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Okanagan Campus

UBC’s Okanagan campus’s rapid growth in a unique environment requires dedicated care and attention. Our Okanagan-focused finance and operations unit ensures UBC Okanagan can grow while maintaining strong coordination between all UBC campuses.

Finance & Operations Okanagan

Finance & Operations Okanagan manages the financial and operational side of the UBC Okanagan campus.

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