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Pollution Prevention Plans will be coming to UBC’s research labs

Metro Vancouver is currently developing a proposal that would require research laboratories to implement Pollution Prevention Plans, similar to Pollution Prevention Plan Regulation for Hospitals, to eliminate or reduce pollution at its source.

Bringing emergency preparedness to life at UBC

As the Manager, Emergency Management, at UBC Vancouver’s Risk Management Services, Danny Smutylo’s role is to build awareness and advocate for people to be prepared and know how to react when things go wrong. Learn more about Danny and this spring’s Emergency Management exercise on’s Faculty and Staff pages.

Uncollected initial payroll cheques (pre-2017)

It has come to light that some UBC employees have not collected their initial payroll cheques prior to December 31, 2016. We have contacted, by mail, all current employees who are affected and are replacing the uncollected payments, with interest, through our standard payroll runs on June 15 and June 23, 2017.

Sharing with peers from leading universities reveals common trends

I recently returned from a week of meetings and visits with a number of leading UK, Australian, and New Zealand universities. These meetings reminded me that we share a common purpose and mission, and that our challenges are also shared.

UBC’s Pre-authorized debit (PAD) list to centralize by June 30, 2017

UBC’s Treasury department is working with UBC’s bank to implement a centralized pre-authorized debit (PAD) list by June 30, 2017. PAD arrangements are used across UBC to allow our vendors to withdraw funds for bill payments directly from our bank account. However, the current PAD setup poses a risk of improper withdrawals due to error, […]

A balancing act for Project Services: installing the Haida Looplex X at UBC

Larger than the length of an average humpback whale, the Looplex X is imposing. Your thoughts might turn to… just how did they get it up there?

Global Ransomware Alert

As you may have seen in the media, there is currently a global ransomware attack affecting thousands of computers around the world.

Jodi Scott recognized with 2017 President’s Service Award for Excellence

Jodi Scott, Senior Planner, Facilities Planning has been recognized with the 2017 President’s Service Award for Excellence. This Award is presented each year to up to five staff members who have made outstanding contributions to UBC and who excel in their personal achievements. Jodi is dedicated to providing everyone in the UBC community with the best […]

UBC recognized by FortisBC with Efficiency in Action Award

UBC was among 11 B.C. organizations recognized by with an Efficiency in Action Award for their dedication to conserving energy.

UniForum@UBC invites all faculty and staff employees to take the Service Satisfaction Survey

To better understand—at an organizational level—our services and activities, and how those services are most-effectively aligned to our academic mission, the UniForum@UBC program will soon be inviting all faculty and staff employees to participate in a Service Satisfaction Survey.

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