Major Portfolio Projects,
Programs, & Initiatives

UBC is committed to continuous improvement to help the UBC community and the public through the excellence of our processes and systems. These are some of the core projects underway to help us to better understand our clients and services and to renew and build our supporting business systems.

Projects within the VP Finance & Operations Portfolio

UHSC Transition Project

Risk Management Services will be helping the Vancouver campus move from one large University Health and Safety Committee (UHSC)—which covers the entire campus—to a cluster of smaller Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSC), which will cover employee groups within a VP’s portfolio.
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Procure to Pay Project

Financial Operations has heard from the university community that it can be difficult, manual, and time-consuming to make purchases and payments on time. We have developed a plan of action to improve procurement across the university.
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HR Finance System Renewal Project

In the spirit of modernization and innovation, UBC is proposing a major upgrade or replacement of its core HR and Finance systems. Both systems are currently running on aging software, and are overdue for renewal.
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The Enhanced Assets, Operations and Services (EAOS) program is a broad-based transformation initiative in Building Operations. The transformation will improve operation of
UBC’s engineering systems across their life-cycle—from planning through to decommissioning to improve university operations and increase employee engagement.
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UBC Projects Sponsored by the VP Finance & Operations

UniForum@UBC Program

UniForum is an annual study providing information about the distribution of our services and activities and respective resourcing that can be benchmarked against other leading universities around the world.

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