Units in the Portfolio

The Vice President Finance & Operations portfolio consists of eight units. While each has a defined purpose, all the units are highly integrated and work cohesively to deliver exceptional service to the University.

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The UBC Comptroller manages financial support across the University, and delivers key financial data and reporting to stakeholders.

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Financial Operations

Financial Operations provides financial management services and guides UBC through fiscal policies and regulations.

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Treasury not only manages UBC’s assets, liabilities and risks, but also administers key fiscal programs and processes.

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Building Operations

Building Operations manages the University’s lands, buildings, and fleets efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

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Energy & Water Services

Energy & Water Services manages UBC’s energy and water infrastructure and plays a key role in meeting campus sustainability targets.

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Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development manages the University’s existing and emerging needs, by planning, developing, renewing and renovating campus facilities.

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Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services identifies, assesses and addresses strategic, academic, operational, financial and reputational risks at UBC.

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Okanagan Campus

Finance & Operations Okanagan

Finance & Operations Okanagan ensures the campus is an exceptional academic environment by managing the financial and operational aspects of campus life.

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