Supporting our academic mission

By Andrew Simpson, VP Finance & Operations

As UBC begins its second century, and as we consider the strategies that will lead us to even greater success, this is a time for us to reflect on how we can best enable academic, research and student success, and the world leading outcomes that UBC achieves.  Across UBC, in central services teams, Faculty offices, and within departments, people are striving to support faculty and students in the delivery of our academic mission.

This is no easy task. In a large, broad-based, and decentralized organization such as UBC, the structures and processes we have today may have evolved over many years (sometimes even decades). This will involve us all in thoughtful conversations across the whole organization, with everyone considering many of our services and activities.

In this process, one of the questions I sometimes pose to leaders and teams is: “If we were establishing a new university today, how would we implement the delivery of the services you are responsible for?” While difficult to contemplate, this question poses a great opportunity to consider how we might enhance not only the outcomes of our service delivery, but also the satisfaction of both the academic and student community and those providing services.

With thoughtful dialogue and analysis I am confident that as we begin this next chapter in the life of UBC, we will be better able to support and enable our academic colleagues and students, through reimagined and improved levels of services.

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