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Hot water quality at UBC’s Point Grey campus

Due to unexpected equipment (i.e. heat exchanger) failures, HOT WATER quality is being monitored across campus. In an abundance of caution, we are posting notices at all HOT WATER faucets in 56 building complexes that contain the problematic heat exchangers. In effected campus buildings we have begun daily visual inspections of mechanical rooms and their […]

Changes to procurement reduces cycle times for creating purchase orders and paying invoices

To improve procurement at UBC, we have implemented changes in central Procure-to-Pay processes to reduce cycle times for creating purchase orders and paying invoices. We have also reduced the university’s standard payment terms for vendors from 45 to 30 days. The next phase of the project will include engaging with faculty and department users to […]

Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility continues to highlight UBC’s innovation

UBC’s Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility (BRDF) is the first facility of its kind in North America. The system processes 2-3 truckloads of renewable biomass—ground and chipped waste wood from sawmill residuals, municipal trimmings, land clearing operations, and UBC’s Malcolm Knapp Research Forest. The gasification process uses the waste wood to produce a synthetic gas, […]

Power Outage—a great test of our emergency response

While power outages are inconvenient for the campus, they do provide for a great test of our emergency response. On Monday, February 6th, at 11:15 a.m., the Vancouver campus experienced a power outage. The campus’ VOIP phones were still working and calls began coming into the Building Operations Service Centre and Facility Managers’ cell phones […]

Seismic upgrades at UBC

Infrastructure Development is creating a prioritized action plan for each at-risk building on our campus using the work of UBC’s seismic researchers as well as the most current thinking in seismic engineering, building resilience, and business continuity. With a campus the size of a small city, each step of our plan will take some time to […]

Joint Health and Safety Committee transitions set to begin pilot in Building Operations, Energy & Water, and Student Housing & Hospitality Services

In order to enhance our safety culture, UBC is redesigning our University Health and Safety Committee (UHSC). Starting in April, Risk Management Services (RMS) will pilot a new structure with Building Operations, Energy & Water Services, and Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS)—departments whose work puts them at higher risk for safety issues. Once the […]

You might be a supervisor… and not even know it!

Who’s a supervisor at UBC? According to Risk Management Services (RMS) and WorkSafeBC, the answer may not be so obvious. We all know when someone officially reports to us, but WorkSafeBC holds everyone to a higher standard when it comes to occupational health and safety. RMS shares that anyone—including non-managers, researchers, or faculty—who instructs, directs, […]

Budgeting to enable renewal

Overall, the University has achieved a positive financial base for the future—despite many of the challenges we face in meeting the growing costs of our teaching, research, and support activities. It is pleasing to see the wide number of new initiatives across the campus that will be newly resourced in the year ahead.

Building Operations launches on Twitter @UBCFixMySpace

Building Operations is here to help keep spaces on the Vancouver campus working for you. As a faculty or staff member you’re accustomed to engaging your building administrator or submitting an online service request to fix or improve your workspace. But what about when you’re just passing through a strange building or see something outside that […]

A quick link directory of Finance & Operations’ services and tools

The Finance & Operations portfolio provides a wide range of services and tools to UBC. Visit our new online A-Z directory for a quick alphabetical overview of high-level topics linked to the unit websites. If you have topic you would like to add to the directory or have noticed an error, please email

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